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Protecting Our Future

At Cg Belle we believe in making sustainability a focus throughout the life cycle of product design.  Designing for reuse and disassembly, using optimal materials, and planning for recycling is not only a competitive advantage, it is a way to protect our environment and our future.  Re-manufacturing is a growing concern, and corporations who take steps towards green thinking are often rewarded with loyal customers.  Cg Belle is committed to bringing sustainable processes and technologies to the forefront.  We provide consultation  on implementation of circular solutions for your product and manufacturing processes.

Blueprint Design

Engineering & Design

The Path to Success

Design engineering is both art and science.  Conceptualizing solutions takes know how, experience and methodologies to ensure successful and optimal results. From photons, to human factors, a multitude of fields are involved in obtaining an ideal balance, an elegant design and solid results.  Taking sustainability into account from the start is the only way to change the status quo.  Combining the right expertise and knowledge Cg Belle has what it takes to successfully lead throughout the project life cycle .